Skype Coaching

What makes David X’s unique brand of coaching different than all the other phone coaching programs? Let’s hear it from David X himself:

alpha-male-characteristics“I have been coaching men for the past 15 years. Over time, I have learned EXACTLY how men are going wrong and how to correct the behaviors that are inhibiting their own success. Most of the other guys in the seduction community who offer coaching programs learned under rigid, inflexible ’systems’ and ’methods’ which are built on the premise that you have to lie to women to get them into bed, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

What I teach is HONEST and SIMPLE. As the old saying goes, ’The Truth Shall Set You Free’ and it just happens to be the very thing that will dramatically increase your odds of getting laid with the hottest women you can imagine, because if honesty can’t get you the girl, nothing will. You can let go of the manipulative and dishonest techniques you may have learned from other gurus.”

– from The Rules of David X



There are a lot of reasons why coaching may be right for you. Are you frustrated with your
love life?   Are you still a virgin? Are you unsure of what to say and do to get women attracted to you? Have you been taught that you have to lie to a woman in order to get her into bed?

davidxAre you looking to date multiple women at the same time?

Interested in having threesomes, or even foursomes?

Have you ever wanted a harem?

Have you wasted your money and time on other seduction gurus and have nothing to show for it?

This is your opportunity. Speak one-on-one with David X and receive mentoring from a world-class dating expert. Using confidential Skype coaching sessions, David X Dating gives you the tools you need to succeed in your dating life. David X coaches men all around the world. You are only one click from advancing your dating life!


If you’re a student, ask David X about his STUDENT DISCOUNT. Email David at or Call   (1-877- 432-8439)