David X Montreal Audio Seminar

I'm releasing the David X Montreal seminar. This is the 1st seminar I ever did I received such positive feedback from this seminar that I was inspired to give more lectures to men on meeting, dating , and seducing women.

The seminar starts with a couple of good stories where take you on a journey throughout my many experiences with women with hopes that you will be inspired to make a change in your life some you can have the same success with women as I did. This is a good seminar that you need to listen to because I narrow everything down to what's import and the essentials you need to know about meeting and seducing women from me. I will tell you what you need to learn for yourself if you're going to be successful with women.

A lot guys always ask me what I'm going to do to make a change in there lives . I tell them I'm not going to do anything to change, but rather give you my point of view on things , because it make more sense than their own. Once you understand how I do things when it come to women you got it and you can go out to achieve success in this area of your life. In this seminar I will learn what it take and the mindset to have when you go out and meet women.


Kissing and Escalating discussed

Building Confidence and Overcoming your limiting beliefs

How lying is a „slippery slope” and how it is detrimental to your life

How to have conversation and lead her during the interaction

How to handle bitches

Handling women who lie to you

The importance of „time management” when handling multiple women

If you’re seeing multiple women, should you tell the women about each other?

How to talk sexually to a women

What to do if a woman thinks that she is „giving” you sex

David X Dating Mystery Method